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So, what exactly is cultivated meat?

Cultivated meat is grown directly from animal cells in a controlled environment. It may sound scary, but rest assured that it’s a safe and established technology that has been in development for over 100 years and has been fine-tuned by our world class bioengineers and food scientists.

It’s free from antibiotics, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors

No animals are raised, harmed, or killed in the process

It requires much less land and water than conventionally-farmed meat, while producing a fraction of the greenhouse gasses

It’s nutritional profile is similar to the meat you already know and love

How our meat is made:


We carefully source animal cells only once.


We select the best cells and place them in an optimal, controlled environment.


We provide the cells with all the vital nutrients needed to grow and develop without any genetic modification.


We harvest the fully developed animal cells and expertly prepare them to match the flavor and texture of conventionally-farmed meat.

man eating a burger

An experience that fully satisfies the senses

Our cultivated meat looks, smells, tastes, cooks, and sizzles just like the meat you know and love. In fact, its sensory experience is even better than conventional meat because it has an ideal consistency, so you’ll never encounter any gristly bits. Simply put, every bite is perfect.

We’re proud to make meat that’s good for people and the planet.

Believer® is building a better future for meat—one that’s delicious, sustainable, and widely accessible.

For the love of meat, choose Believer.