Our mission is to make it possible for all future generations to eat meat.

The current system of raising and processing animals isn’t sustainable or scaleable enough to meet the growing global demand for meat. It’s too resource intensive and polluting—not to mention the cost in animal lives.

We’re pioneering the first CULTIVATED meat production system that can scale to feed the planet.

Our unique approach:

We collect cells from animals just one time.

Our lines of animal cells can grow forever without the need for genetic modifications.

fork with piece of chicken on it

We can produce meat with unprecedented efficiency.

Our unique growth process reaches yields that are 10x higher than industrial standards.

blue table with food in plates

We aim to produce meat that is readily accessible and affordable.

Our efficient process means we will be able to produce our cultivated meat at or below the cost of conventionally-farmed meat.

man eating a burger

We’ll provide more benefits to local communities.

Compared to conventional meat processing plants, our facilities will create more high-paying jobs while producing less harmful and unpleasant externalities like run-off, waste, and odors.

We aim to have the lightest environmental footprint possible.

We strive to utilize renewable energy, and we use significantly less water and land while emitting less greenhouse gasses than conventionally-farmed meat.

a rendering of the Believer Meat facility

made with love for animals and our planet

Compared with meat from conventionally farmed animals, our meat:

Requires vastly less land and water to produce

Generates significantly less greenhouse gas emissions

Doesn’t contain antibiotics

Eliminates risk associated with diseases transmitted from animals to humans

woman eating a taco

Our investors

Archer-Daniels-Midland (adm)
Emerald Technology Ventures
Bits x Bites
Cibus Fund
Tyson Foods
Menora Mivtachim
& more

Let’s create a better future for meat

We’re looking for ambitious and enthusiastic people to join our growing team.

For the love of meat, choose Believer.

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